~ My Link Building Techniques ~

This is what I will do for you as your link builder


Since I know that you don’t know me, or exactly how I do things, I figured I would lay out EXACTLY what I do when I take on a new client, in hopes to answer all your questions and to ease your mind when thinking about becoming my client.

Now I am only one guy, so I won’t take on more than 8 clients or so.  But I still have 2 spots left, so please contact me if you think we would work well together!

Now I just want to mention up front, that unlike other SEO professionals, I don’t make you sign any contracts. I work month to month.  That way your free to hire me as you please without any fuss.  BUT, just like any other SEO work, it will take time to show results.  Miracles don’t happen overnight, unless you have some pretty viral stuff, so please keep this in mind.

So without further ado, here’s my system:


Gmail Account

I have you set up a gmail account under your name This is where I do all my correspondence through (to potential link targets).  I do this because when reaching out to find link opportunities, it is MUCH easier to speak to website owners and get what we want, if they believe they are talking to the business owner and not some random SEO guy.

Don’t worry…this isn’t a weird practice that I am making up.  In fact most SEO agencies and freelance people will do this to help businesses move forward online


Analytics Access

I will be asking you for access to your Google analytics account.  This is so I know where your website is at with views and other stats, like what visitors do while on your site.


Search Console

Search Console is is another important account that I will ask for access to.  It’s important that I get access to this too, because it is where I can really see your websites performance.  Where Analytics is kind of a high level view, Search Console is where I see what keywords drives traffic to your site.

Having access to these two Google accounts lets me see what content of yours is most popular, what search terms are working for your site, and what other content pieces have potential of driving traffic to your site.


Content Audit

One thing that people overlook is content creation.  Are you actively creating content and publishing it on your website?  How many shares is each piece getting? Are sites linking to it?  Do you have a designated content creator? This is all stuff I consider when checking out your website’s content.

The content audit I perform isn’t one of those big SEO site audits that looks at meta data, etc.  Rather I take the time to look at your site’s content.  You know, your blog posts, company/product information, that sort of stuff.  This is important because I get to see first hand what your website is made of and how much link-worthy content there is on your site.

Now, I’ll come right out and say it here, not everything you have will be link-worthy.  I’m sorry, that’s just going to be a fact, and it’s true about every website on the internet.

If you have a content creator, that’s great, but if you don’t…don’t stress.  I can introduce you to great content writers that ill be happy to create pieces for your site.  This comes with an extra cost, but is actually preferred, as I know they will create quality material and adhere to strict deadlines.

In the perfect world, when we get to this, you will have a content budget created for me, narrowing down how much will be spent for onsite content, and how much for content to be published on outside sources.


Links Audit

Here I go and work a little magic through  Majestic SEO to check your site metrics, Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), links history, links from relevant sites, what pages are earning links and any pages that could be earning links but aren’t.

  • I’ll check to see if you are getting spammy (unnatural) links to your site
  • I’ll make sure that your anchor text is clean and not over-optimized
  • I will see if there is anything else that isn’t right, from a linking perspective

link audit sample


Project Tracker File

All the information I have gathered from above, will be added to a Project tracker file.  This keeps track of all the content I’ll be using and the keywords it is ranking for.  I will also be adding keywords to this file that I believe you could also rank for.

This file is constantly being updated and you will have access to it.  Please note, this file is and will remain my property, as a lot of time goes into it.


Google Search Operators

Google operators are specialized search terms that help filter out irrelevant results when I find sites to reach out to.

For example, let’s say you are working in the laptop niche, you could use this operator to find sites that are about laptops with the word “resources” in the site title.

I generate a list of operators like this to search the internet for potential targets, I don’t only make one either, I will make one for every aspect of your business and anything related to what you do.

google operstors


Link Selection For Your Campaign

Once I have completed all of the above, and have gathered and looked at all the relevant information about your site, it is time to select which types of links would be best suited for your link building campaign, and plan out the first few months worth of work.

Now the link building techniques I come up with won’t be used exclusively, but they will set the groundwork for the work I will be doing for your company.

For example, let’s say your doesn’t have a lot of content to use, I will seek out blogs that accept guest posts, and reach out to them.  Here a piece of content will need to be created and placed on the target’s blog.


Creating A Project Plan

Once all the above is done, it is time to put it all down on paper, and create your project plan!

This will be the backbone for your link building campaign, as it will have detailed steps of what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

ALSO – You will have access to this so you can see what is being done at any time!  Simply look at the “Project Plan” tab on the file you will have access to.

Link Building Project Tracker


Finding New Link Opportunities

At this point I know what content you have, what keywords you want to rank for, the type of links that should be built, and how to find link opportunities through detailed Google searches.

I use this information to compile a list of outreach targets, and call this ‘Prospecting’.  You can find these targets under the “Link Targets” tab in your Project Tracker file.  If you check back often, you will see that the list is ever growing and that the status of each target is constantly changing.

When doing my prospecting, I do my best at trying to find the contact name and info for the person we should be speaking to.  Finding this information makes the outreach much more effective!

Now, with reaching out to sites some folks get all in a tizzy about needing to reach out to sites that have a certain Domain Authority (DA).  I want to make it clear, that I don’t look at that as Google has mentioned on several instances that it does NOT impact rankings.  Rather it is only a sign of a healthy, active website that has been around for a while.  If you don’t believe me, here’s a great article one of my colleagues wrote: Why I Don’t Use Domain Authority

Since I know it makes no impact on link building, I don’t factor it in when finding targets.  Rather I target the niche relevant sites and traffic to reach out to.

Outreach Done Right

For each link target, I will send out an email (with their name when possible) that is appropriate for the type of link I am aiming to get.

These interactions with the targets normally build a relationship of trust, as the end goal is mutually beneficial.  For example if outreach is done for a guest post, the website owner gets a quality and unique article written for them, and you get a link back to your site as well as exposure.

Following Up

The most important part of outreach, other than sending the initial email, is following up.

I believe this is missed by most link builders, and that’s pretty sad!  As you will know, people get LOTS of emails everyday.  Most people can’t reply to them all, so they file them away to respond later, then get busy doing something, and completely forget about replying.  So a friendly reminder (or 3) usually jogs their memory and they will reply.

Like I said, I think this is a missed opportunity in most cases, because the response rate goes up when the follow-up emails are sent.

Benefits For You

By doing the above steps, you are able to see the benefits by looking for two performance indicators:

  1. Referral traffic growth
  2. Organic traffic growth

People will click on the links I have built for you because they are interested in what they have seen, and want to know more about you.  This will result in extremely well targeted traffic, that has a high conversion potential.

In addition that, your links and content are found on relevant sites on the internet.  This is great because that is the “food” that search engines eat up when looking to rank sites.  So you can expect your sit to rank higher for organic searches, which will also lead to more traffic for you.

Let’s face it, ranking high in organic searches is the best for getting new customers.  They are the ones searching for a business like yours, and as long as your site does it’s job, you’ll convert them.



Link Building Expectations

Okay, time to get to the real expectations about link building.  If you’ve made it this far, you’ll see that what I do is REAL outreach to REAL people.  So I won’t do all that spammy stuff that get’s you thousands of links overnight.  I don’t do that, and don’t want to do that, because that stuff is crap and will only kick you down when Google finds it…and they will.

Now the number of links you will get will all be dependent on the content you already have, the content you are creating, and the type of links being built.  However, it is safe to say you should see about 10-15 links being built a month, and each level will increase that number by about the same amount…unless of course you go with my 2 year strategy.

This number can easily go up depending on how fast you can get content to me, if you provide your own, the type of link building approach being used, and the level of investment you are willing to make.


My Prices

So you are probably probably wondering what all of this costs…well, that depends on what you want out of me.  My minimum fee is $1299/mo, and goes up from there depending on what needs to be done. I start out targeting about 200 niche specific opportunities per month, which can be easily increased if you want.  I do offer another ‘2 year’ service, which costs a lot more, but where you will get MANY more natural links.  I will do some customized work that will guarantee at least 500 links within 2 years.

Now, these link numbers may not seem like a lot, but those that truly understand how link building is done, and at what speed links are built, will know this work is a gold mine and know that the investment pays off!  After all, you won’t get any, unless you actually make it a priority and do some outreach.

Payments are required monthly, and are due on the first of the month. If you want to pay for multiple months, that’s up to you, but I don’t require it.  Also, I don’t require any minimum length of time for us to work together, UNLESS you are wanting to go with the 2 year plan.

Pricing Strategy

(*prices may vary depending on the service provided)


 or call me at: 403-466-8911

If you like what you hear, and don’t want to read about the specific links I work with, then click the link above and give me a shout or give me a call!  …but if you want to see the types of links I build, then read on.



The Links I build

There are typically 15-20 different types of links that I build for clients.  Now that being said, only a couple will ever be picked for a campaign.  I have broken down the most common below, just to give you a taste of what you can expect.

Main Link Types

Guest Posts

If you don’t have a lot of content on your site, then guest posting is a great way to build links.  This is where you generate content (or I can have one of my writers generate it for you, for a fee) and have it published on another website.  In turn for the piece of content, the other website will offer to link back to yours.

Not only does this build a link to your site, but it also targets a new audience, interested in your business, and leads them back to your site.

Link Roundups

Link roundups aren’t too common, but they are highly effective and pretty easy to get.  What they are is a link on a page of resources that a website owner may think their audience may find interesting.  For example, just think of someone writing an article on “this month’s best gaming reviews”.

Local Blogs

Local blogs are exactly what they sound like, a blog from the same city you are based in.

If you have something amazing that you would want to be posted on a local blog, you simply have to contact the blogger.  That being said, they may not always want to post something from someone else.  In that case offering a bit of money to have them link to your site, on an old post, is almost always a sure way to get them to link to you.

Resource Pages + Broken Links

A resource page is simply a page that website owners put up to list a bunch of sites (that fall under a certain category) that their audience may find interesting.  If you don’t know what I mean, then think of someone listing (and linking to) a bunch of different blogging platforms.  There’s your resource page.

This is a good one to pair with broken links, as a site on someones resource page may no longer be available.  So you simply need to recreate the content they were linking to, and ask them to link to your new site content.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are similar to guest posts, only you pay to have your post on the host’s blog.  Most of the time they will identify your post as “sponsored” and it will include a ‘no follow’ link to your site.

No follow links don’t pass authority to your site, and we try to avoid these as much as possible.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is when you seek out a resource link, that no longer works, and replace it with one of your own.  This not only helps you, but the website owner will have a working link again, and their audience will have a new page to visit, for the content they were looking to find.  Really, it’s a win-win-win situation.

University Blogs

Almost all universities have a blogging platform.  These blogs are very attractive to get a link on, as the internet inherently trusts universities, and they usually always are a high authority site.

With a little encouragement, it is possible to have university student’s to link to your blog, especially if they believe it will benefit their blog in any way.

Product/Service Reviews

If you have products you are selling, blogs will usually be willing to write a review of one of your products and link to your product page.  All it takes is for you to send a sample their way, for them to write about.

Online PR

Press Releases!  People like to spam these, so they have been under a bad light for a while now.  That being said, if you have something that is truly news worthy, there is no reason why you can’t approach a reporter and have them link to it in either a pat or future article.

These links can be VERY pricey, but are worth every penny!

Bridge Method (location based)

This is an approach where I will contact a business in your local area, and mention how it would be mutually beneficial for us to link to each other.  When these are created, you could say you are both building a bridge to each other.

Bridge Method (niche based)

Similar to the above, this is where I would approach another website in your niche and ask them for a link.  They obviously wouldn’t be in competition with you (approaching them would be a waste of time), but would just be in the same industry.