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I was recently in attendance at a small business meeting, where the keynote speaker was discussing the power of keyword stuffing.  As an SEO expert this didn’t sit right with me; unfortunately I was not in the position to argue its irrelevancy.  So let’s discuss here why ‘Keyword Stuffing’ isn’t really going to help people in their efforts to rank.

Keyword Stuffing…What is it?

Keyword Stuffing, or Irrelevant Keywords as Google calls it, is a practice where an author packs as many keywords as possible,  on a page in order to rank it on Google, or other search engines.  They may show up as a list, a bunch of words packed together, or just random words that are completely out of context.  They may be a list of phone numbers, cities the site wants to rank in, repetitive words, and so on.  In short it is just an awkward bunch of out of context words or numbers.

A good example of this subject is a list like this:

keyword stuffing example
Irrelevant keywords are awkward to read, and usually smells fishy.

Notice the mention of ‘Social Media’ over and over again.  While not the same words exactly, they are completely out of context and have no real reason to be there.  Google will come across this list and give the page a figurative “slap on the hand” because the words are just crammed together, they lack any depth (not discussed at all), they are repetitive, and they have no flow (they are just an awkward group of words). It will be obvious to Google that the page these words are on are simply trying to rank for the keyword “Social Media”, and they will turn away from the page and give it little to no credit.

Google does this because of a fancy new artificial intelligence technology they have developed, called RankBrain.

Rank… what?

RankBrain is Googles fancy AI program that is now scouring the web, reading, analyzing, and ranking people’s content.  Now please note that RankBrain is NOT the only approach Google is using to rank pages, but merely one of them…and in my opinion, the coolest one!  It’s main purpose is to mimic human reaction to a webpage, in order to decide if it is a quality page or not.  So like, who is you reading this right now, it will decide if what I am typing is of any value.  If it likes what it sees, it will give Google the thumbs up, if not…well we already mentioned that above.

Not too much is written on RankBrain, and the authors of it’s program don’t fully understand how it works, they just know that it does.  And like IBM’s Watson, it just keeps learning as it goes.

That’s nice, but let’s wrap this up…

So getting back to the main point of the post, don’t stuff keywords….just don’t!  Now they may work for specific social media platforms, but in the Google Universe, it will do you no good.

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