Link Building

Since the redirection of F-Stop SEO, from being a photographer SEO agency, to one that focuses strictly on link building for all websites, I have been asked the same question from pretty much all business owners that I speak with:

“What is link building and what does it do?

So to answer that question, and to save time when I get asked next, I am writing this quick little post.

Link Building

Link building is the process in which other websites build a link (formerly known as hyperink) to your website…on theirs.  So they type something up and in that text, they link to your site.  It’s kind of similar to the research papers you wrote in school, when you referenced your quotes…only this is digital.  When search engines crawl the web, they pick up on these links from other pages and see that they point back to your website.  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  I will get to the reason why below.

When search engines come across links, they do two things:

1.) Follow the link to finds new and exciting web pages it didn’t know about…or make a note that a page is now referenced.

2.) Keep a tally of the links, note if they are quality or not, and use that information to determine on how to rank the referenced website.

Once this is completed the search engine takes the information it gathered from the website, and the information it gathers from the links, to determine where to rank the site for it’s relevant keywords.  So to sum it up, the more quality sites you have referencing your material, the higher the rank your site will be.

So how do I benefit?

In addition to flagging search engines to notice your site, there are other benefits link building has on your business.

Brand Building:

Good links help build your brand, while slowly making you an authority in your market.  The image of you being an expert in your market can happen, while building your brand, through content creation.  This is where you create a great piece of content and present it to the world, and have other sites link back to it.

Relationship Building:

When you reach out to other sites to have your work published, it is usually because you have something worth looking at.  As you come into contact with the other sites in your market, you will become to know them and may even come across other websites that have more authority in your market.  By continually reaching out to these influencers, you put yourself in a good position to become well known and trusted among the online community.


It pretty much goes without saying that a link on a high traffic site will cause some potential customers to come your way.  This increased traffic will not only cause your site to become more popular with your ideal customer, but it can lead to increased sales.

That’s it in a nutshell

Well, that pretty much sums up the importance of link building for company sites.  As you can see, making sure links are created is an important part for any business who has a website.  Let’s face it…why even bother having a website, if no work is done to make sure customers find it?  If nothing is done, it will just sit there and collect dust a the search engines pass it by.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to give me a shout!

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