Keyword Stuffing…Not Worth The Effort

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I was recently in attendance at a small business meeting, where the keynote speaker was discussing the power of keyword stuffing.  As an SEO expert this didn’t sit right with me; unfortunately I was not in the position to argue its irrelevancy.  So let’s discuss here why ‘Keyword Stuffing’ isn’t really going to help people in their efforts to rank.

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More Search Engine Optimization Basics

Continuing on the theme of our last post “Search Engine Optimization Basics“, Here are a few more basic, but key, items to make sure are given proper attention on your company’s website. Images Images are an important part of your site.  They help set the tone of the page and draw the visitor’s attention.  Even though on the surface they can look amazing and flashy,

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

There is no doubt that most of you reading this have heard the acronym ‘SEO’.  If you haven’t, it sands for Search Engine Optimization.  That is the term used to define actions taken to rank websites on search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Or in other words, making your site visible and easy to find to the public.  It has to do with things like the wording on…

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