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Top 10 Link Building Techniques For 2017

Every year Google makes about 10 major updates to their algorithm.  These updates effect all the websites indexed with Google, and even ones that are indexed elsewhere.

I have compiled a list of my top 10 link building techniques, that will ensure websites weather the updates Google throws their way.

#10 – Press Releases

Press Releases have been heavily abused in the past, and still are, so people like to put them under a bad light.  However, lets say your company has some amazing news that you really want to share with the market.  It could be some new tech, a change to how you do things, groundbreaking research, and so on.  Why wouldn’t you want to share it?

Getting the word out about something important can be worth every penny!  It is because of this that made me add it to the list.  Press releases can be pricey, but are hard for targeted customers to miss.

#9 – Resource Pages

Resource pages are on the list because though they may not reach a big audience, but those who use them know what a great resource they can be.  Resource pages have lists of links to websites that the page owner thinks his audience would find interesting.

So if your site fits the audience a resource page is reaching?  Make sure your site gets on the list.

#8 – Link Roundups

Link roundups are a lot like resource page links, but the anchor text is more natural, as the links tend to be part of a sentence or paragraph.  Here the site owner will publish a collection of external links within content that they expect their audience to find interesting.  Now, these site owners may not add in a new link to the already published content, bu they may put your site on the list for their next post.

#7 – Local Blogs

Local blogs can be a great tool to help businesses reach a local audience.  There are usually a lot of local bloggers in towns and cities, some with bigger audiences than others.  Regardless of audience size though, they are a great way to get your name known on the local scene.

Now, they may charge for the link, but why not make the situation mutually beneficial?  For example, offer them a sample of your service/product in exchange for their link.  Really the sky is the limit with these guys!  But since they tend to only reach a small audience, they are lower down on the list.

#6 – Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is really a guest post, but with a price tag attached to it.  They are really easy to find, and can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred depending on the popularity of the site and the audience size.  Regardless of price tag though, they are a guaranteed way to get your content published and in front of an audience you want.

Because of how easy they are to get, but due to the uncertain price tag attached, they are on the bottom half of this list.

#5 – Product Reviews

If you are in the business of selling a product, which I know you will be if you run a business, a great way to get links is to approach review sites and asking them to review a product you offer.  These sites are really easy to find, and really the only cost involved is sending the product their way.  This is a great technique because not only do you get a link back to your site, or reach the audience you want, but you also get the word out to potential customers about how good your product is.

In a world where customers want to know the quality of a product before they buy it, product reviews are the way to go!

#4 – Replacing Broken Links

What I am talking about here, is replacing broken links on other websites, having the website owner replace a broken link with yours.  For example, if a resource page has a broken link on it, you can reach out to the website owner and have them replace it with one of yours, so the audience has something to click through to.

There are a few different online tools you can use, to search for these links.  They are pretty easy to find, you just have to put the time into it in order to find them.

#3 – Repairing Broken Links

Now, the difference between this technique, and the last, is these are links to your site that are no longer working (or mentions of your site where no link was ever built).  There are multiple ways to find these, and since you are the owner of the source material being used, it should be easy enough to request the link be repaired, or for the other site to give credit where it is due.

Given the nature of this type of link building, and the easiness to have it done, it makes the top three of my list.

#2 – Guest Posts

Guest posts!  This is one of the EASIEST ways to get links to your site.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of websites that allow guest posts to be published “for free”.  You simply need to reach out and discuss a topic, provide the desired content, and submit it to posting.  Some sites even give you everything you need to get the content created.

This is literally one of the easiest and best ways to get links to your website.  However there is one way that is better than this to get links to your site!

#1 – Publishing an Authoritative Piece of Content

The best technique to build links to your site, is to have link worthy content published on it.  If you have a post or page, that has amazing content on it that you think other sites need to link to, you can reach out to other sites and say “Hey!  Check out this piece of content I have.  It elaborates on what you are already saying, by going into more specific detail about X.  I thought you may like it and to link to it for your readers.”…or something like that.

Now I know there are worries that the site may duplicate your content, or steal it, but let’s be honest…people want to do as little work as possible.  It is much easier to link to already produced (well written) content, than it is to create it, and really it is free too.

So yes, the number one technique for link building in 2017, that is Google update proof, is by creating amazing content and getting others to link to it!

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